Whether your employment journey is just getting started or you’re ready to make a big change, a career in domiciliary care could be the next step for you. You may already have an idea of what care work entails, but we’ve found that the best bits of this rewarding path often get overlooked in the public eye. So here’s a rundown of what we think makes a career in care so special:

Compassion is your credential

The job market can be particularly daunting if you haven’t yet completed qualifications in your desired field, and many workplaces ask for unrealistic amounts of experience. What’s different about home care is that the person behind the CV is more important than meeting tick boxes. This means that anyone with a desire to help others is welcome to apply and take on a new challenge.

Learn skills for life

Just because care careers are open to beginners doesn’t mean that you’ll be left to work things out on your own, as you’ll receive full training for every aspect of your role. How you’ll be trained differs per company, but at Adelfi Care Services we cater to a range of learning styles with a mix of e-learning and face-to-face courses. We also invest in our carers’ futures by providing full pay during the training period and offering opportunities to get further qualifications such as NVQs.

Escape the daily grind

Many jobs require you to complete the same set of tasks for every shift, which can lead to clockwatching if you don’t enjoy repetition. While careers in care do involve regular duties that you’ll be uniquely qualified to perform, any carer will tell you that no two days are the same. Working directly with people means that there will always be variety and surprises, and your vocational training will arm you with the skills to take on each new challenge as it comes.

Make someone’s day, every day

Finally, there’s the deeply rewarding nature of providing care. We all need a little support sometimes and people who we can count on when things get tough. Domiciliary carers get to be that special person every time they show up to work, which is a level of job satisfaction that’s hard to beat. Whether your days are spent providing general home help or more intimate care, you can relax after work knowing that you made someone’s life a little easier. Our own approach also prioritises small teams and stability, providing the space to bond with your colleagues and clients. In our experience, this leads to shared moments of connection, joy, and laughter that make each day meaningful.

So if some, or all of the points resonated with you and you have a genuine desire to make a difference and support others, why not apply to become a carer today.

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