Deciding that you or a loved one needs some extra support is a difficult and often overwhelming time. With many care providers offering similar services the natural thing to do is decide based on cost. However, it’s important to understand that not all care companies are regulated – but what does this mean?

Regulated vs non-regulated

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) act as the governing body for care agencies in England and are responsible for monitoring the standards of quality and safety of services provided. They do this by carrying out regular inspections and also requiring all those registered to agree to adhere to very strict procedures and guidelines.

Not all care providers in England are registered with the CQC meaning that they aren’t regulated or held to the same standard as those, like ourselves, who are. These companies are often offering introductory services, such as shopping or cleaning, which is why they’re not required to be regulated. However, when the services offered include any form of personal care – showering or dressing for example, they must be regulated.

Risks of non-regulated providers and self-employed carers

Working with non-regulated providers can be risky as they do not answer to a regulatory body, meaning they don’t have regular inspections or clear policies in place to protect you or your loved ones. They’re also not under any legal obligation to employ the carers they send to you, making you entirely responsible for their wages and employment situation.

Non-regulated companies aren’t as likely to provide regular training for the carers they work with, meaning that you can’t always be sure that you’re getting the best possible support. They also have no contingency plan when it comes to annual leave or sickness which can leave you without care unexpectedly.

Benefits of working with a regulated care provider

As explained above, regulated care providers undergo regular and thorough checks, as well as being bound by law to adhere to strict safety and regulatory measures, so you can be sure that working with a service regulated by the CQC is meeting these standards.

On top of being monitored by the CQC, regulated care companies are required to have a registered manage whose responsibility it is to ensure compliance and standards are upheld at all times.

Another benefit is that all care staff are employed directly by the company meaning that you are not responsible for their wages and don’t have to worry. And finally, regulated care providers run regular training for their staff, regardless of experience so you are in good hands.

Your care is in your hands

Ultimately, the choice is yours whether you choose to opt for a non-regulated or regulated care provider, but we strongly advise you to go for a regulated service. Care is such a personal thing and above all else you want someone you can trust and feel safe around, which are the two main guarantees of companies like ourselves who are regulated by the CQC.

We understand there is a lot to take in here, so please do get in touch if you would like to chat through any of this further – we’re here to help. Call us today on 01242 384 825 or contact us here.

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